How to delete component used by old version of some pages

 Tridion does a very good job of keep each and single version of your content. It actually present a challange when trying to delete anything. 

Normally, you just need to use "Where Used" to find out which page is using the component you are trying to delete, unpublish the page, you will be then free to delete the component.

However, if the component is used by some older version of the page. It is become alost impossible to delete. You will see a comment on "Only old versions" when the component is only used by old version of the page.

I have tried to delete all the old version of the page and make sure the current page is not using the component,  but the system still doesn't allow the component to be deleted.

Finally, I found a work around. The trick is to copy the existing page to create a new page, then you can unpublish original page. You can then delete the original page and the component you want to delte. The last step is to rename the new page to the original name and your job is done.

It is a long process just to get rid one one component!




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