How to move Tridion CMS between environments

 It is a common task to move Tridion CMS to different envrionments, for example, moving between DEV/TEST/STAGE/PRD. It is actually not that time consuming to move if you know what you are doing. 

There are two pieces of the puzzle: the content and code stored in the CMS database and those which are not. Some of examples of contens/code which are not in the database:

  • Sever specific configuration files
  • Third party librares
  • Hand-writen htmls which are not manged by Tridion

Apparently the stuff not in the database needs to be moved over manually. There is no magic over there. 

For the content/code stored within the database. What needed is to use the complete backup of one envrionment and then restore it to another. There are some adjustment needed after the restore, then your Tridion application is running in a new envrionment. 

Here are the steps:

  • Do a full CMS database backup of one envionrment.
  • Restore the CMS database to a new envrionment. (You don't need the Broker database since it is envrioment specific, you can just create a new broker database for the new envrionment). 

Then you are done, it is so simple!

Actually, there are still several things to chagne before the CMS is functioning.

On the CMS side:

  • Update CMS DB user (MTSUser, if you are using Active Directory authentication in your servers, they will be the same so there is no need to change). 
  • Verify/create the Tridion users (Again, only if you are not using AD authentation).
  • Update the publication target. It is most likely that those publication targets are different among envrionments. You need to manually edit the publication target before start publishing.

That is pretty much it. Within a few hours, you can move your envrionment from DEV to TEST to PROD!



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