Windows Azure Deployment with NodeJS

 Just tried deployed my NodeJS application to Windows Azure. Apparently a few things are broken, espeically relating to the file upload part of NodeJS.

Export Private Key from pkcs12 file

I need to export private key from pkcs12 file, it took me a while to find the command needed.



OpenSSL to extract the private key, and the cert file

Export the private key file from the pfx file

openssl pkcs12 -in filename.pfx -nocerts -out key.pem

Export the certificate file from the pfx file

openssl pkcs12 -in filename.pfx -clcerts -nokeys -out cert.pem

Remove the passphrase from the private key

openssl rsa -in key.pem -out server.key

If you use Putty, you have to use puttygen to convert from pem format to PPK format only used by putty. Please make sure you remove the pasword using the above command, otherwise puttygen will not able to load it.

Putty (Windows)
  • Download Putty and puttygen from - here
  • Use puttygen to convert .PEM file to .PPK file.
  • Start puttygen and select “Load”
  • Select your .PEM file.
  • Putty will convert the .PEM format to .PPK format. 


Learn GSA

If you are working with Google Search Appliance, this is the page you should bookmark.  

It has tones of information, and it is free!


IE 10

 Microsoft just released a IE 10 for Windows 7. It is definitedly the best IE so far. 

The best feature is the F12 Develper Tools, which is now come closer to the conterpart in Google Chrome. It is long overdued improvment. 

Google Course Builder

Google introduced "Course Builder" not so long ago. It is a open source project for building training courses. This is the introducton video:

I deployed it to my own GAE instance and it works beautifully without much difficulty. It sounds like a perfect solution for some startup trying to build training solutions, let me know if you want to build one. I might be able to help. 

Here is the URL running on my GAE, I have not done much, but it is easy to change according to any requirements. 



 I have used many UML tools. StarUML is my favrioate now.

First of all, it is open source and free. Secondly, you don't need to read a lot of documentation to start using it. 


Get it from here to try it yourself.