Mini Router

I bought this Mini Router on the plane. It turns your network connection instantly to a WiFi network without configuration! It is very convient for travel, and weight 20g.

There are many modes of operation, which supposed can be a repeater as well for your WiFi network, but I have never be able to make it work. The documentation is pretty poorly written. I am checking both the English and Chinese version and still can't figure out what is the meaning. And the English version is different with the Chinese version!

5 stars for the product and 1 star for the documentation! 



 I just came across this site: Brython

The idea is to replace javascript with Python inside the browser. I really like the idea, and hope it can take off! We have all heard the design flaw of javascript and were told have to live with it. Maybe we don't have to!

Right click on iOS

 Have you wonderd how to simulate right mouse click on iPad or iPhone?

The answer is simple: Tap and Hold

Calling java from .NET

 It seems I have to use .NET for my next project, but I don't want to give up my java knowledge, why don't just call java from .NET?

Sure enough, there is a project for that: jni4net


This post explain how it works: