Uninstall problem in Windows

I am trying to uninstall a program from my computer, but the computer is asking for the orignal MSI file. I have lost the file, what do do?

I turned to my good friend Google and find a solution at Microsoft Site. It fixed my problem, hope it will help you. Just download the program, run it and select the program you want to uninstall. It is that easy!


Fluid Layout

Just watched a nice video about Fluid Design on CodeSchool , it is explained so well that even I can understand :-)

Check it out ...


Google Analytics

 I have been working with Google Analytics for a while. I am amzed how much information it is providing by just add the basic tracking code. 

The example below shows the Vistor Flow view, it shows you where the users enter your site and the interactions. Best of all, it is free, so start using it for your site!