Using your company email for Google Accounts

Do you know that you can use your company email address for Google service, like Google Analytics. Apparently you can do so quite easily.

In the new account creation screen below, click on "I prefer to use my current email address".


Then you can just type in your company email. It is basially just an alias, so it is as good as with any other Google accounts.

Now enjoy your new gmail address with your company name!

Sessions for Google Analytics

Have you even wondered how the sessions are defined in Google Analytics. Here is the answer:

A seesion starts when a visitor views the first page of your website and ends when one of the following three conditions is met as defined by Google Analytics:

  1. 30 minutes has elapsed without visitor activity;
  2. the session has reached the end of the day (for the time zone defined in Google Analytics);
  3. or the same visitor returns to the website but with new referral parameters. For example, a visitor first arrives at your website via an organic search, closes their browser, then returns (within 30 minutes) via a click on a banner link. The detection of the second visit with the new campaign parameters closes the first session and begins a new one for this visitor.

The session time-out value can be adjusted, though 30 minutes is the unwritten industry standard.