How to use Google Drive as your public image repository?

 If you want to publish images publicly on the internet, for example, using it in your Blog. You can use Google Drive to host your images, then set it to be Public

It turns out that is the easier part, now what is the public URL of that image? I have been searching around and finally find it.

You would need to select the image where you want to find our the URL, then click on "More", then "Details", you can then find our the public URL under "HOSTING" as shown below:


In-Page Analytics

 Suppose you want to know which part of your webpage is getting most clicks, how do you go about and get those information?

Google Analytics has a built-in report for this. Just login to your Google Analytics account, select the Profile, then click on Behavior | In-Page Analytics, then you get your report, easy?

What does AC1900 mean in the router specification?

When shopping for a new router, I often saw specifications like AC1900, AC1750, AC1600, etc.  I am very curious to find out what it means. So I did everyone smart person would go: google it!

However, Google failed me this time. No matter what is the search term I use, I just can't find the defination for any of those numbers like AC1900. I have tried "what is ac1900", "ac1900 wiki". There are lots of results but no one explains what it means. It might be the whole world knows what is means, am I the only one left?

So I dig a bit deeper and find this arctile. I think it solved the mystery.


"AC" number Find in Best case client speed
1750 AC routers



It turns out that it is the sum of the maxium speed of the dual band, no wonder I can't find it!

Hope you can sleep well tonight since the mystery is solved.  



How to move Tridion CMS between environments

 It is a common task to move Tridion CMS to different envrionments, for example, moving between DEV/TEST/STAGE/PRD. It is actually not that time consuming to move if you know what you are doing. 

There are two pieces of the puzzle: the content and code stored in the CMS database and those which are not. Some of examples of contens/code which are not in the database:

  • Sever specific configuration files
  • Third party librares
  • Hand-writen htmls which are not manged by Tridion

Apparently the stuff not in the database needs to be moved over manually. There is no magic over there. 

For the content/code stored within the database. What needed is to use the complete backup of one envrionment and then restore it to another. There are some adjustment needed after the restore, then your Tridion application is running in a new envrionment. 

Here are the steps:

  • Do a full CMS database backup of one envionrment.
  • Restore the CMS database to a new envrionment. (You don't need the Broker database since it is envrioment specific, you can just create a new broker database for the new envrionment). 

Then you are done, it is so simple!

Actually ...