Python CMS

I have been searching for a open source CMS based on Python for a while, and I think I found it:

The feature set looks impressive, especially working with AppEngine. I will report back late on my findings.

  • Free and Open Source
  • Manage articles, posts, and pages
  • Manage users, categories, links, comments, uploads, styles
  • Change logo, and front page without editing source code.
  • Comments can be disable, or use disqus as comment system.
  • Many widgets: addthis, last posts, links, tags, categories, archives.
  • WYSIWYG editing, using CKeditor
  • Multiple register method: Recaptcha, Confirm by mail, etc.
  • Avatars.
  • Using best practices baked in: cross-browser normalization, performance optimizations as a base template.
  • Customize, come with 2 layout ready. Make your own customization. See customization.
  • Developed in pure python using web2py as a framework.
  • Ajax, use jquery and jquery-ui.
  • Visual notifications.
  • Feed articles and comments.

Export Contacts from iCloud to Gmail

Export a contact as a vCard

  1. Go to and sign in using your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).

    If you’re already using a different application on, click the iCloud button to switch applications.

  2. In Contacts, select the contact in the contacts list.

    • On your Mac, Shift-click to select multiple adjacent contacts or Command-click to select multiple nonadjacent contacts.

    • On your Windows computer, Shift-click to select multiple adjacent contacts or Control-click to select multiple nonadjacent contacts.

  3. Choose Export vCard from the Action pop-up menu at the bottom of the contacts list.

    If you select multiple contacts, Contacts exports a single vCard containing all of them.

Here come the hard part. The export contact is a "combo vCard", which I haven't found a sutiable application to open it.

Open it with Outlook 2010 will only show you one contact (Good job, Microsoft!)

Microsoft Contacts and Microsoft Live Mail can open it and know that it has a lot of contacts in it. The problem is that it wants you to confirm for each of the contact. Assuming you have a few hundred contacts as me. You have to click a few hundred ...

Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe just release a new set of tools for html5 at

I just tried out Adobe Edge Inspect and was imporessed. It is for you to test your website with mobile browser. The documentation is good but missing several important details. One of them is: how is it supposed to work?

Here is the answer: after everything is setup properly and your mobile device is connected. Whatever screen on your computer will show up on your mobile device.

The installation steps are here:
  1. install edge inspect on your computer
  2. install google chrome browser extension

    here is where the documenation fall short. After installation, I didn't see anything and kept trying to reinstall the exetension. Actually, the browser extension is only showing up as a small icon on the top right corner of the browser. Make sure you check it there.

  3. Install the mobile client on your devices

    Pick the mobile client for the devices you work with

This is what is missing from the online documentation. After installed everything above, start the Edge Inspect on your computer. Again, it is a small icon on the bottom ...

Ecplise startup issue

After a recent update of Java, I found out that my Eclipse stopped working.

After digging around for a while, the issue seems to be that it is starting Eclipse with JDK6, but it is loading JRE version 7.

Following the instruction here to change the -VM option to JDK7, and problem solved


Excel Integration with Tridion

The article below talks about Excel integration with Tridion, just what I need to check out!

Excel Integration with Tridion

The article below talks about Excel integration with Tridion, just what I need to check out!

Tridion WebDAV Slow Issue

After configure WebDAV, I noticed that it is very slow.

I googled this issue and found a solution here

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Menu “Tools” > “Internet Options” then go to the tab “Connections”
  • Click on button “LAN Settings”
  • Uncheck the box “Automatically detect settings”
  • Close and restart all running Internet Explorer processes
  • Restart the “Web Client” Service
  • Start browsing again…

My machine because non-responsive after the change, a re-boot of the machine fix that issue.

It is now must faster, although it is not as fast as I would want to ...

Setup WebDAV for SDL Tridion

In order to use WebDAV on a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must install Microsoft's Software Update for Web Folders. You can download this from the Microsoft Download Center at:

Once you've connected to WebDAV, you can create a mapped drive to your directory. This is a more stable connection, and you can work with it the same way as you do any other folder on your system.

Please add '/webdav/' to the end of the URL for it to work, the screen below is missing that.


Just signup with AppFog

Impressed with what they are offering

Bulkupload to AppEngine

I found that the Bulkupload is very useful in AppEngine, please refer to here for documentation. The configuration is pretty much self explanatory:
- kind: Unit
  connector: csv
    - property: id
      external_name: id
      import_transform: int
    - property: type
      external_name: type
    - property: unit_id
      external_name: unit_id
    - property: title
      external_name: title
    - property: release_date
      external_name: release_date
    - property: now_available
      external_name: now_available
      import_transform: 'lambda x: True if x == "True" else False'

I like the import_transform option a lot, which allows a lot of creativity.

Just tried a few and worked beautifully:

CGuo@CGUO-E8420 ~/Dropbox/docs/workspace4.2/coursebuilder/data
$ upload_data --url=http://localhost:8083/_ah/remote_api --config_file=../bulkloader.yaml --filename=unit.csv --kind=Unit
03:22 PM Uploading data records.
[INFO    ] Logging to bulkloader-log-20120920.152255
[INFO    ] Throttling transfers:
[INFO    ] Bandwidth: 250000 bytes/second
[INFO    ] HTTP connections: 8/second
[INFO    ] Entities inserted/fetched/modified: 20/second
[INFO    ] Batch Size: 10
Please enter login credentials for localhost:8083
Password for
[INFO    ] Opening database: bulkloader-progress-20120920.152255.sql3
[INFO    ] Connecting to localhost:8083/_ah/remote_api
[INFO    ] Starting import; maximum 10 entities per post
[INFO    ] 11 entities total, 0 previously transferred
[INFO    ] 11 entities (3197 bytes) transferred in 18.7 seconds
[INFO    ] All ...