How to move Tridion CMS between environments

 It is a common task to move Tridion CMS to different envrionments, for example, moving between DEV/TEST/STAGE/PRD. It is actually not that time consuming to move if you know what you are doing. 

There are two pieces of the puzzle: the content and code stored in the CMS database and those which are not. Some of examples of contens/code which are not in the database:

  • Sever specific configuration files
  • Third party librares
  • Hand-writen htmls which are not manged by Tridion

Apparently the stuff not in the database needs to be moved over manually. There is no magic over there. 

For the content/code stored within the database. What needed is to use the complete backup of one envrionment and then restore it to another. There are some adjustment needed after the restore, then your Tridion application is running in a new envrionment. 

Here are the steps:

  • Do a full CMS database backup of one envionrment.
  • Restore the CMS database to a new envrionment. (You don't need the Broker database since it is envrioment specific, you can just create a new broker database for the new envrionment). 

Then you are done, it is so simple!

Actually ...

How to delete component used by old version of some pages

 Tridion does a very good job of keep each and single version of your content. It actually present a challange when trying to delete anything. 

Normally, you just need to use "Where Used" to find out which page is using the component you are trying to delete, unpublish the page, you will be then free to delete the component.

However, if the component is used by some older version of the page. It is become alost impossible to delete. You will see a comment on "Only old versions" when the component is only used by old version of the page.

I have tried to delete all the old version of the page and make sure the current page is not using the component,  but the system still doesn't allow the component to be deleted.

Finally, I found a work around. The trick is to copy the existing page to create a new page, then you can unpublish original page. You can then delete the original page and the component you want to delte. The last step is to rename the new page to the original name and your job is done.

It is a long process just to get ...

Tridion 2013

 I attend Tridion User Group Day at Redwood Shores, CA. Apparentlly Tridion 2013 is going to be announced in Q1 of 2013. 

A list of interesting features with this new release:

  • Bundle: You can now put component or page into a bundle. All the items in the bundle will exit the workflow either success or fail as a whole. This concept is simliar to the database transactions. It is beneficial when you have dependency among your pages/component, and you dont' want some of them to succeed and others to fail. 
  • Notification Center: They took the concept from iOS where the notification center has actionable items. You can directly invoke action from notification. 
  • Undo: It has the ablity to Undo the publication (once level).
  • External Content Libraries (ECL): It is possible to write a connector to use other repositories. A Flicker connector is demoed that it can mount your Flicker account to Tridion. Theoritically, it is possible to write a connect for anything if it has the concept of "folers" and "files". 

Here is the agenda for those who are curious:

Tridion Practice

 Tridon Pracitce: A collection of Tridion resources.


Tridion Tutorials

A nice arctile on Tridion, will report my findings after some investigation.



 DD4T is whe way to go!

Excel Integration with Tridion

The article below talks about Excel integration with Tridion, just what I need to check out!

Excel Integration with Tridion

The article below talks about Excel integration with Tridion, just what I need to check out!

Tridion WebDAV Slow Issue

After configure WebDAV, I noticed that it is very slow.

I googled this issue and found a solution here

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Menu “Tools” > “Internet Options” then go to the tab “Connections”
  • Click on button “LAN Settings”
  • Uncheck the box “Automatically detect settings”
  • Close and restart all running Internet Explorer processes
  • Restart the “Web Client” Service
  • Start browsing again…

My machine because non-responsive after the change, a re-boot of the machine fix that issue.

It is now must faster, although it is not as fast as I would want to ...

Setup WebDAV for SDL Tridion

In order to use WebDAV on a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must install Microsoft's Software Update for Web Folders. You can download this from the Microsoft Download Center at:

Once you've connected to WebDAV, you can create a mapped drive to your directory. This is a more stable connection, and you can work with it the same way as you do any other folder on your system.

Please add '/webdav/' to the end of the URL for it to work, the screen below is missing that.